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Alfa Spyder Restoration

posted in General Discussion
Saturday, February 01 2014, 09:48 PM
A friend of mine is coming down from Gloucester to finish off the electrics after the previous owner burnt them out after converting it from injection to carbs.

It is a 1987 black 2 litre right hand drive version. At the time these cars where imported as left hand drive and converted by a company in London so quite rare.

The rest of the car is in reasonable condition and has a new roof so l hope to be using it this summer.

Any gearbox specialists out there as the gearbox will need a rebuild at some time as it occasionally drops out of 3rd and reverse.
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I know it is applied to Motor homes but haven't heard on classic cars yet. Have to check Google.
I fit accuspark units to all the cars I restore as they are easy to fit, reliable and don't have any ugly boxes to screw inside the engine bay. Most of the units are under fifty pounds.
Hi Chris, the main advantage of having electronic ignition is better starting. It also means no more fiddly points to change or set. There are many systems available on the market. I don't know what v
Thanks for the reply - I think I will give the Autoglym a go.
Hi Cathy, I would recommend either Mer Ultimate Polish or Autoglym Super Resin Polish. Both are about the same price, approximately £12 per litre, either on eBay or Halfords. 500ml will last a long
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