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Saturday, April 01 2017, 12:26 PM
Is there anyone out there with an early Spitfire who would allow me to have a look under the bonnet ? I am in the process of restoring my 1964 Spitfire 4 and need to refresh my memory as to wiring loom and hydraulic pipe runs etc.. Would be very grateful for any help from anyone on this. You can contact me on 01239 614013 or by email at "alun.jones396@btinternet.com"

Thanks, Alun.
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    Wednesday, September 02 2020, 12:02 PM - #permalink
    Hi Alun

    Sorry I can't help with Spitfire info but you may be able to help me. There don't seem to be many members who are posting about restoration projects and you may have seen my post about my Jaguar Mk2. I now need to find someone who can respray the shell for me. Any suggestions you have will be very welcome.

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    Wednesday, March 13 2019, 06:24 AM - #permalink
    Hi not seen anyone turn up to meets in a spitfire. Hope you have found someone by now
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