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posted in General Discussion
Thursday, December 06 2012, 02:49 PM
I usually take my classics off the road come October. But often consider keeping them on the road dispite the extra tax cost because of the niggly problems I get the following spring. Usually they will go ok but suffer from bad running to electrical problems for several months after returning them to the road. John even had a core pop on his Spitfire - I'm sure he would have had anti freezein it.
What does everyone else do?
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    Tuesday, December 18 2012, 05:54 PM - #permalink
    Protecting against the weather. As neal has said that dispite adding anti freeze at the end of the summer some cars can get pockets of water trapped because the water jacket is sludged up and the anti freeze did not reach these areas of the engine . This was the case with the spitfire were that water trapped froze and pushed a core plug out.

    As well as adding anti freeze each winter I now use loft insulation(silver wrapped stuff). I used this blanket in the whole engine bay and under the sump. Its works realy well and even the water washer bottle never froze last year on the coldest nights.
    Small cost to addthe additional protection.
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Hi Alun Sorry I can't help with Spitfire info but you may be able to help me. There don't seem to be many members who are posting about restoration projects and you may have seen my post about my J
Hi not seen anyone turn up to meets in a spitfire. Hope you have found someone by now
I know it is applied to Motor homes but haven't heard on classic cars yet. Have to check Google.
I fit accuspark units to all the cars I restore as they are easy to fit, reliable and don't have any ugly boxes to screw inside the engine bay. Most of the units are under fifty pounds.
Hi Chris, the main advantage of having electronic ignition is better starting. It also means no more fiddly points to change or set. There are many systems available on the market. I don't know what v
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